Sunday, May 24

Purpose: Getting Married

Have you ever thought about why we get married? What's the purpose? Or is it insignificant to know the reason? I've come up with a list of reasons for tying the knot:

(a) Ready to Start a Family

People who marry because they want to start a family are those who are keen to have kids as soon as they can in order to "carry the family name". They will strive to ensure their children are well brought up. However, not everyone in this category would start a family immediately. Some would wait a while and have a few more honeymoons before finally settling down. They will also try hard to have a child. These are the "wholesome family" couples.

(b) Pressured by Family & Relatives

There are those who do not wish to be married yet but due to constant ridicules and family pressures, they tie the knot. These couples are being very cautious but they've no choice but to expediate marriage. There are also those who wish to remain single but have to bow to pressures. It doesn't mean that the marriage won't turn out well, though. It just makes them "reluctant" couples.

(c) For Companion

There are couples who mutually agree to marry just for companionship. Having a child is not their priority. I know of people who fall into this category. Is there anything wrong with this attitude? Absolutely not. As far as I'm concerned, getting married is not about having a child. It is a license to be together, live together, sleep together legally. To keep them "occupied", they would normally adopt a pet. This reason for getting married may not be accepted in some cultures, though.

(d) To Answer Religious Call

Why get married? "Because my religion says its followers must be together and produce offsprings." - and there could be repercussions for not adhering to this doctrine. I'm in no position to comment on this but I do know that in some religions, not getting married is not acceptable. Or gettting married only to people within the same religious circle is allowed.

(e) Arranged Marriage

In the modern era, matchmaking or arranged marriages still exist in some parts of the world. Individuals have absolutely no choice in the selection of their life partner as everything will be done by their parents. In some cultures, a baby's fate is sealed as soon as he or she is born.

There are other reasons. So, if you intend to get married, for what reason? Marriage will only work if both the husband and the wife work together to make the marriage work.


MarlyMS said...

Marriage is not a game. Both parties should be responsible to make it work for each other.

By the way, can we exchange links?thank you much.

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lvynana said...

Because of LOVE.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Mine is none of the above, or on this side, Kev!

But I agree with Ivynana:
"Because of LOVE."

- c H i E n - said...

I don't know. I think that if it's because of LOVE, you don't really need to get married right? ALl you need is to be together. Marriage is only just a paperwork. What love has to do with it anyways?